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1965 Bentley S3 Continental

Year : 1965
Make : Bentley
Model : S3 Continental
Coachbuilder : James Young
Price : P.O.A.
Body Type : Coupe
Colour : Garnet
Trim : Grey Leather Piped Burgundy
Condition : Very good condition throughout
Technical Data : Four speed automatic gearbox, power steering, 8 cylinder 90 degree V-configuration engine, 6.2 litres displacement, 6230cc capacity. Drum brakes servo-assisted.


Bentley launched the new S3 Continental in October 1962. Its predecessor, the S2 Continental, had benefited from technical innovation with the introduction of the V8 configured engine moving on from the straight 6 cylinder configuration of the original S1 Continental. The S3 was given a further boost in power with larger 9.1 compression ratio carburettors, improved power steering to aid movement at parking speeds and a Lucas vacuum-advance distributor to aid fuel consumption. Aesthetically, the S3 was also to enjoy a face lift of sorts with new distinctive twin headlamps, improving visibility at night. Fog lights were still fitted, but these no longer had dual function as flashing indicators. The indicators on the new models were incorporated into redesigned sidelights, positioned on the front of the wings. A further change were smaller bumper over riders and a slightly reduced radiator height of about 1.5 inches, giving a sloping bonnet line, improving forward vision. One final touch was the addition of a badge indicating the name of the model fitted on the boot lid. Enhancements to the interior included a new black leather top to the dashboard, in an effort to reduce injuries to any occupants thrown forward in a collision scenario, reflecting the publics growing attention to safety in vehicles. Individual front seats and arm rests became a standard feature and more powerful lighting and additional indication lights and switches on the instrument panel were introduced, presenting a far more modern feel to the last of the S Series Bentleys. It was perhaps the ultimate post war Bentley motor car in terms of appearance, performance and practicality and the last medium sized Bentley motor car to be offered with custom coachwork. James Young of Bromley were responsible for producing a limited number of bodies for Bentley Continentals during the 1950s and 1960s, with Design No CT150 on the S3 Continental chassis being one of their last and also finest designs. Just two cars were built in this style by James Young on the S3 Continental chassis. This particular example, Chassis Bo BC12XD was the second of the two cars produced in this style by James Young and was completed in March of 1965. It was originally finished in porcelain white with a black leather interior and supplied by Jack Barclay Ltd to its first owner, Freemans Ltd of Clapham Road in London. But prior to this Chassis No BC12XD was shown on the James Young stand at the 1965 Geneva Motor Show. It was supplied by P&A Wood during the 1980s and was then worked upon by Frank Dale & Stepsons in 1990 when works were carried out to the coachwork. The original white paint was removed, the coachwork was restored and the car was re-painted in two tone grey, with a new interior trimmed in grey with burgundy piping, which still retains today. It was then supplied by us and most recently by P&A Wood again. Whilst in the care of its most recent owner, the car has been repainted to a very high standard, in garnet which complements the interior beautifully. It has also been mechanically prepared regardless of cost. It has formed an important part in one of Europes premier post war Bentley collections and we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer it for sale once again. It comes complete with power windows, complete tools, copy chassis cards and also the James Young construction and test file. This exceptional example is clearly a collectors item when taking into consideration its rarity, beauty and condition. One truly for the connoisseur.

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