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A Tradition of Excellence

The company was founded in 1946 by Frank Dale who began buying and selling Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars in post war London. The company had several premises before becoming firmly established in 1957 in Paddington. In 1959 Frank Dale's stepson Ivor Gordon joined the company following his two year apprenticeship at London's Bentley main agent Jack Barclay Ltd. Ivor's brother John Gordon joined the company in 1965 and at this point the company became known, as it still is today, as Frank Dale & Stepsons.

In 1965 the company moved to new premises just off of Sloane Square in the heart of Chelsea where Mr Dale and the Gordon's remained until 1972 when a new location was sought out in neighbouring Farm Lane in Fulham. The large showroom at this location was complemented with workshops and trimming facilities. James Crickmay joined the company in 1980 and in 1986 when larger premises were required the business moved to King Street in Hammersmith. The last move took place in 2000 when new premises were acquired in Harlequin Avenue in Brentford on the edge of West London. James Crickmay's son Giles joined the business in 2006 keeping the family tradition alive.

John Gordon worked with his stepfather Mr Dale and his brother Ivor until his retirement in 1994. Before his passing in 2016 and with over fifty years of experience in the Rolls-Royce and Bentley market, Ivor was one of the most well respected and knowledgeable figures in the industry. James Crickmay ran the business with Ivor for over 30 years until his sad passing in 2015. Giles & Emma Crickmay, James' son and daughter, along with workshop manager Vincent Roma and general manager Greg West are now at the helm of the company adding invaluable experience and substantial knowledge to an already historically important company in the motor industry.

Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars have been our exclusive speciality for seven decades and during this time we have bought, sold and handled some of the most important examples built by both companies. We believe ourselves to be the oldest and most established independent Rolls-Royce and Bentley specialists in the world and look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence for decades to come.  Giles, Vincent, Greg and Emma continue to provide the high standards of service and enthusiasm set by the company's founder back in 1946.